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Preschool | TippiToes Daycare  - San Mateo, CA

Preschool age children are generally between 3 and 5 years old. During these years, the mind of your child is growing and developing rapidly. Your child’s mind is like a sponge; soaking up information from all available sources. With TippiToes Daycare you can be sure that your child’s mind will be absorbing information and experiences that will help shape them into well-adjusted and successful children. Our preschool program is comprehensive and covers many facets of child development.

Group Activities- Your preschool child will learn and solve problems in a group setting so as to sharpen his or her social and interaction skills.

Creative Expression- Every single preschool child is unique, and we make sure to find something that interests your child creatively. Art, music, reading, and writing activities are available here for your child to explore and discover.

Self Esteem- This is a critical age for your child to begin developing a strong self-worth, and our staff and curriculum is centered on growing your child’s confidence.

One on One Interaction- We give your child the individual attention that is crucial for preschoolers. Your child will never feel left out or neglected at TippiToes Daycare.

The curriculum available at TippiToes Daycare has grown through much scientific research and study with the focus of strengthening the character of your preschool age child as a whole. At this pivotal time in your child’s development, we know you want the best possible overall education and care, we are confident that will be exactly what you find at TippiToes Daycare. Explore our preschool program for yourself today!

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