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We know there are a plethora of day care choices for your child, but TippiToes Daycare is by far the best choice because we offer so much more than supervision for your child. Day care is something we take very seriously and we wish to set ourselves apart from the myriad of day care centers available in the San Mateo area. How do we do this? By offering a comprehensive day care education and play program that goes above and beyond what the average day care center can offer.

Structure- We have developed a well-balanced approach to your toddler’s day care. Mixing equal parts play, learning, and nourishment creates for your child an established pattern that will acclimate them to the environment they will encounter in school. Structure is key throughout all stages of child development and we adhere to a firm schedule that will prepare your child for the road ahead.

Mental Exercise- Apart from our regular curriculum, which includes math, science, English, history, and critical thinking, we have developed special activities that will encourage your child to use his or her brain to its maximum capacity. These activities include exercises in concepts of cause and effect, pattern recognition, and storytelling.

Making Friends- We here at TippiToes Daycare nurture a friendly and equal environment for all of our students. In this environment your child will learn to make new friends through natural interaction and group activities. Before you know it, your child will have learned the valuable skills of sharing, compromise, respect, and sensitivity that are essential for any socially healthy child.

At TippiToes Daycare, we do more than simply look after your child while you are away. We nurture growth and believe that children can learn the skills that the world will demand of them in the years to come. Find out how we can help your child grow in a positive way today!

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